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Make Your Yoni Happy

Take your feminine wellness to the next level by focusing on what truly matters!

  • Replenish Your Body

    Feminine wellness is imperative for EVERY woman. A yoni detox will purge the bad and restore the good.

  • Meet the Divine You

    Experience your body in a way you've never felt before! Detoxing your lady parts also provides benefits for the mind, helping to regulate mood and stress levels.

  • Feel The Magic

    Following a yoni detox, you are likely to have reduced stress, reduced cramps, a healthier & regular cycle, as well as improved fertility.

Yoni Balance Benefits

Our best-selling Yoni Balance supplements offers you a way to quickly and easily improve yoni health with minimal efforts.

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    Kacip Fatimah

    A phytoestrogen plant estrogen which tightens the yoni and a loose uterus. Often used after childbirth. (Contains NO manjakani)

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    Our Yoni Balance supplements offer PH balance for your yoni, even when you don't know that you need it.

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    Women who consistently use our Yoni Balance supplements have reported a much healthier and frequent intimacy.

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    We only use high quality, natural ingredients for the safest and most efficient results.

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    Yoni Moisturizer

    With our Yoni Balance supplements, you will experience more natural lubrication in all the right places, more often.

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    Our customers have reported that after using Yoni Balance supplements they've had less hot flashes and more lubrication!

Women Lve us

  • Loved This Product!

    Yoni steam really help me with my cramps and periods. Good thing about it you can do your yoni steam in the comfort of your home. I will buy it again

  • Customer for life!

    Great blend! I purchased all three to try them all and see which I prefer, I have PCOS and I’m thinking this specific herbal blend will do wonders for me. The echinacea and yarrow in this blend work so well together!

  • Worked over night!

    helped with BV symptoms literally overnight i love all of female ritual products so happy to see boric acid suppositories added

  • Take my money!

    The fastest way to rebalance your Ph levels!!! I’m super sensitive to literally everything so almost anything will throw my Ph off, but I slip in one of these little magic suppositories right before bed and by the morning I’m back to normal! I LOVE FEMALE RITUALS!!!



Treat your yoni and your soul to the ultimate detox bundle! This package includes a Yoni steam seat, Steam Therapy, Moon Therapy, Calm Therapy, Yoni Pearls, Palo Santo Sticks, and White Sage bundles.