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It was a different experience. I did not know what to expect because I was always taught that the vagina is a self cleaning organ and you should never put anything up there! I am still a strong believer in that but after seeing what came out after just one pearl, I will do it again! I don’t want to share the photo, it is a little much but trust, it works!


This was my first order! Pearls and steam! I was so pleased with the results of my pearls I ordered my sister some! Steam smells heavenly! And the feeling it gives you simply can’t be described! Shipping was very fast! And I will definitely order again soon! Highly recommended! I had a question, emailed and within 20 minutes I had a response! I would def give more then 5 stars


This is my second time ordering and it for sure will not be my last. I usually do all three pearls at once and keep it in for 72 hours. I used to have too many random periods throughout the month and this has helped me get my cycle steady. It leaves you feeling fresh down there! If you haven’t tried it already you should!


Just inserted my first pearl on yesterday and literally forgot it was there! It’s not uncomfortable, not noticeable and I am awaiting the results! I will be purchasing the steam to complete the 3 pearl cycle! Thank you for such fast shipping as well!

Sunny Brook

Had never heard of this kind of feminine care. It was an experience and understanding my body a little better. I would recommend this to my ladies if they were looking for some yoni love.

Nora Lyn

All I can say is... WOW! I was skeptical of this product but it really does work. I didn’t experience any cramping or side effects so that was a plus. Definitely had some funky stuff come out, but hey! Better out than in. Will def be getting the steam soon also!

Adrienne Jones

First, shipping was super duper fast. Product came nicely packaged with very clear and easy to follow instructions. I used the steam immediately following my last pearl and boy oh boy was I pleased. I am literally cursing myself for not doing this sooner. Awesome aroma with beneficial results. Very well pleased. I will be a regular customer. I also recommended it to several others already

Omisi Omijie

Shipped on time love using this product will purchase again!

Shar'nese Miller

What was up came down ! I love this stuff and I only had to use one pearl ! I had no cramping or nothing I’ve tried other pearls and the past and they were good but this was thicker and slid in comfortably and I’m please will buy again.


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