Yoni Sample Pack

Yoni Sample Pack

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Are you curious about yoni steaming and our yoni pearls? This is a great way to quench your curiosity without spending a lot or buying a large amount. This is our sample pack of our Steam Therapy and Pearl Therapy. You can choose the amount of steam therapy herbs and pearl therapy pearls you want to sample.

Select the amount of herb and pearls you want to purchase


Yoni Steaming is an ancient secret to feminine wellness. A natural, organic and gentle holistic approach to support a healthy and balanced menstrual cycle. Vaginal steaming is a form of hydrotherapy that is well known around the world for centuries. Yoni steaming has many names, some name include yoni steam, v steam, vaginal steam and Bajos. Our proprietary herbal sitz bath blend utilizes herbs from mother earth to give your yoni a warm, relaxing experience as you sit over the steaming vapors.

Steam Therapy is our all around blissful blend of herbs. 


🌸 Reducing menstrual symptoms, bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding 
🌸 Decreases heavy menstrual flow 
🌸 Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles 
🌸 Quick healing and tone the reproductive system after birth 
🌸 Eases discomfort of the uterine 
🌸 Promotes healing of vaginal tear and c section recovery 
🌸 Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids 
🌸 Helps to restore bacterial and PH balance to aid in prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis and odors 
🌸 Relief for symptoms of menopause 
🌸 Helps tighten the vaginal canal 
🌸 Detoxification of the womb, body and mind

It’s important to understand that Yoni Steaming is not for cleaning your vulva or vagina. Your vagina is self-cleaning. When the Yoni Steaming is described as cleansing, it is referring to the way the heat and steam supports our feminine bodies in their own natural release and vibrant vitality.

Question: How much do I need for a single steaming session?

Answer: We think .50 (half ounce) is the perfect amount. Its all a personal preference. Use as little or as much as you feel comfortable with

1oz / 28 gms = 1-2 steams 
2oz / 56 gms = 2-4 steams 
4oz / 113 gms = 4-8 steams 
8oz / 226 gms = 8-16 steams 
16oz / 453 gms = 16-32 steams


Our detox pearls are an all natural, holistic approach to restore feminine health and confidence. Detox pearls have been used by many women throughout time to help improve a variety of conditions. Benefits of cleansing and detoxing the womb are to maintain a healthy acid environment of the vagina at (pH 4.5). Our bodies could be full of toxins due to stress, poor diet and have other various imbalances. 

Who is this for?

Women who want to detox their body through an alternative herbal option. 

When should I detox?

Our detox pearls are meant to be added to your monthly wellness regimen. It is recommended to start the pearl detox no earlier than 3 days after your cycle has ended. Its important to remember to stay hydrated and to drink half your body weight in ounces of water during this detox process. 

Female Rituals wants you to be apart of our family. Join us and lets live a healthy, holistic lifestyle together.

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